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Engage with others and share ideas on how drones could — or whether they should — be used by journalists. This moderated forum is intended to engage the public and provoke a thoughtful conversation on the place of drones in journalism and how the technology may affect other interests at play. Although this is an open forum, any comments that are disrespectful or off-topic will be deleted.


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  1. Timothy Dwyer

    It seems to me that this technology could be a great tool for us in many different ways. For example last fall we live cast three high school football games. We brought in an NFL production crew and telecast a network quality production. The telecast would have been even better if we had incorporated a drone with a camera. Jerry Seinfeld’s new web show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, just finished its third season and for the first time used a drone to shoot the car scenes from above. I think a drone could be used for First Night in Boston, or the July 4th celebration on the Charles River. We have a tall ship event here each July and it would be perfect for a live cast of that event or just used to produce a video story. I think it could be used for big news events, a fire, flood etc. As fast as technology is evolving we have to take advantage of these incredible tools for story telling that are being introduced every few months. Social media is now an important tool for gathering information and distributing it. But there can be abuse there, as well. Almost every reporting tool can be misused or abused. The ethics are set by the user, not the tool.

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